Sitka Gear System for a Yukon Sheep Hunt

Andy Backus

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Dec 21, 2009
I just got off the phone with a customer who wanted my recommendations for a Sitka System for an upcoming Yukon Sheep Hunt in early August. After writing him a detailed email with all of my recommendations I realized it would be something others might like to see, so here it is. And here' s a link to our Sitka Gear at the LRH Store.

I'll describe what I would recommend for your hunt based on my personal Sitka system for a hunt like that.

I like to start with your everyday pants and shirt and work from there.

I would recommend the Mountain Pants. Or you could do the Timberline Pants which are the same as the Mountain but have Gore-Tex on the rear end and knees. They are meant to be more durable for sheep hunting and are good for sitting or kneeling on moist ground or in snow. Might be a bit warm. I do lots of mountain hunting and prefer the Mountain pants for that time of year. Others prefer the Timberline. Both models have removable lightweight foam knee pads.

I would recommend the Merino Zip-T as your everyday shirt. It's pretty light weight and extremely comfortable. Doesn't get stinky like synthetic shirts.

You probably also want a Core Medium or Heavy Weight Zip-T that you can add over the Merino T.

You'll want some long underwear bottoms too. Maybe a couple different thicknesses to choose from. Sitka's Merino Bottoms are nice as a light layer and don't get stinky. Might be perfect that time of year.

I assume you'll be in an area where you need to be prepared for moisture. I personally wear the Dew Point Jacket and Pants. They are the lightest weight, most packable Gore Tex rain suit that Sitka makes. I am told that even though they are thinner material, they are actually one of the most durable they have. Mine have held up very well through several hard seasons now.

We'll get into your insulating layers next, but if you ever plan to wear the Dew Point over puffy insulating layers (like I do) you'll want to order the Dew Point Jacket and Pants a size up.

I wear a 90% Jacket which is a thin soft-shell jacket with a smooth-ish exterior and is a great wind blocker yet very quiet.. It fits almost like a heavy-duty shirt rather than a bulky jacket. It handles a little rain well. I wear the same size as my shirts.

I always bring some sort of puffy insulating layer. I usually bring multiple options to choose from to base camp and choose from there based on the conditions. I usually go with down unless I expect to be very wet, in which case I prefer synthetic. The new Down Ultralight Jacket is a great choice. If you prefer synthetic or prefer a vest then the Kelvin Jacket and Kelvin Vest are great. They're probably a bit warmer than the Ultralight Down. The Kelvin Lite is very similar warmth to the Ultralight Down. My shirts, 90% Jacket and puffy jacket or vest are all the same size.

If I expect much cool weather then I add a pair of Kelvin Lite Pants which are puffy pants I pull over my Mountain pants. As I said, I go up a size with my rain pants so I can pull them over the Kelvin Lite Pants. I am personally right on the border for whether to go a size up with the Kelvin Lite Pants. The same size as my Mountain pants fits just a little more snug than ideal and the size up has extra room. I go with the size up.

With the above system and the right thickness of long underwear, you will be prepared for any weather from hot and sunny to cold, windy and rainy, to single digits with snow.

If you think it might be wet and muddy, I recommend gaiters. Sitka's are good but a little stiff for me. I use Kenetrek's.

If you need an orange vest, Sitka's is very high quality and will last a lifetime. I love the magnetic clasp.

- Andy -
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