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    New for Silhouette Ballistics Version 21
    Single Range Shooting Solution Pop Up Screens

    The new pop up screens are designed after the screens found
    in the mobile version Silhouette Ballistics for PDA’s. It’s intent
    is to provide the user an easier to read data format. The data is
    presented in larger type to make it easier to read in the field
    when using a laptop or notebook computer. Easy to use, just
    select any distance line on a trajectory table and have that line
    distance be present in the Single Range Shooting Solution pop
    up window. In the example below the cursor was placed on the
    600 yard. Then from the Trajectory drop down menu the Single
    Range Shooting Solution… was selected.


    There are three pop up screens available in the Single Range
    Shooting Solution option. The three screens are designed so
    you may have just the information needed for your shooting
    situation and making the computer screen as easy to read as
    possible. You are also able to switch back and forth from the
    three screens by just clicking on the option buttons. The three
    option buttons are titled Hunting, Target, and Tactical.


    The hunting screen allows inputting any shooting angle. The
    elevation shown is adjusted for any shooting angle. The target
    screen allows for different wind speeds and wind direction to be
    easily changed. The wind drift result format may be easily
    changed using the options buttons


    The tactical screen also includes target leads for moving
    targets. Both left and right and up and down leads are
    presented. However, you must do the math combining the wind
    drift and target lead based on which way the wind is blowing and
    target in moving.


    All of the single range shooting information has been part of the
    trajectory tables in version 17 and 19, except for the Over |
    Under Target Lead which is only on the new pop up screen.
    Silhouette Ballistics user, click link below for free upgrade to
    version 21.

    Silhouette Ballistics 21 - Upgrade Page