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  • Hey man, glad you went out this morning goose hunting with me. Too bad we got nothing, but for me that doesn't matter. Why they weren't doing what they normally do, I have no idea. Maybe next year.
    I loaded some ammo up today for my RUM. I'm gonna try to get 210 gr VLD's shooting in it. Might get out to shoot them tomorrow, not sure yet. I need to get a load worked up for it. Hopefully I can find something it likes with the VLD's. If not, I'll backtrack to the Accubonds, and get that load tuned. I'm hoping for the VLD's though
    Anyway, I'll let you know how its looking on that.
    Holler at you later
    Nice! Where are you guy's shooting? Like I've said, I'm new to long range and handloading. I'm looking to learn. I've got most all the equipment neede, both rifles and loading equipment, but have a bit more to go.
    I'm hunting mostly Elk, and deer. Would love to do an antelope hunt.
    I'm shooting a semi-custom 300 RUM built on blueprinted Rem action. I also have a McWhorter 7mm STW being built right now
    If you guy's wouldn't mind a tag along to learn from your experiences let me know. I'd love to tag along and learn. I appreciate your message, and hopefully you guy's wont mind a beginner. Been shooting for many years and look forward to moving beyond the 2-300 yds I've been shooting all these years. Dont expect you guy's to waste your time at shorter ranges but I could learn some valuable things from just asking watching, and talking about techniques.
    Let me know.
    I have Rem 700 BDL stainless in the box with 4 boxes of assorted factory ammo for $600 plus shipping if you are interested.

    I was on snipershide forum, and on guns for sale- there looks to be a nice 7 mag for sale.

    Dont know anything about the gunsmith or seller, but the gun looks really nice.

    Good luck on your search.

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