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Mar 2, 2012
Has anyone used the Simmons whitetail classic 6.5-20x50 scope that $99 on midway? I know I know you get what you pay for but the reviews were pretty dang good but I wanted to know if any of you guys have looked through or used one. Thanks.
there are worse scopes in that price range, but dont expect much. forget about clarity and tracking for sure. but in the 100 dollar price range with a high zoom scope its probably the lesser of all the evils.

the thing you have to remember about reviews on midway or similar sights is the reviewier may not know jack about scopes. i watched a youtube video once saying how great the barska was because of the nice smooth turret adjustment. he said "the adjustments arent really jumpy like alot of scopes" obviously a CLICK is susposto click not free wheel. for reviews you need to stick to sites like this where folks actually know whats good and bad
The only time we will be adjusting the scope would be sighting it in and after that we wouldn't touch it. I hope it's a half decent scope.
I bought one several years ago to use on my first mauser build. I needed a varmint type scope and didn´t have much to spend at the time. It is a decent scope for what it is.

Other than zeroing it, I have not adjusted it very much so I can´t comment on repeatability. Optical clarity was decent. Absent mirage conditions, the entire magnification range is usable. The AO works well, just don´t pay attention to the distance markings. The outside diameter of the objective is HUGE, so the scope has to be mounted pretty high. This is a big, heavy scope.

Because of its size, weight, and how high I had to mount it, I ultimately replaced it with a BSA tactical scope from Midway. The BSA won´t impress anyone at the range when I uncase my rifle (for that matter, neither will my rifle) but I really like it.
I inherited a 7mmRM several years ago which wore a Simmons Whitetail Classic scope. The scope lived on that rifle for at least 10 years to my knowledge. I only shot the rifle a three times with the Simmons. The scope was replaced by a Zeiss Conquest. The Whitetail Classic lives on a .243 now. If just sighting in and leaving it alone you should be fine. Is it as clear as the Zeiss? No. Is it as easy to adjust? No. Do I like it for an inexpensive scope on my .243 that will allow me to pop a doe in the 100-300 yard range year after year? Certainly. Will it be replaced with higher quality optic? Yes, but only when it fails me. Hope my opinion is of use. Have a good one!
The scopes came in today and I must say I am VERY impressed with the clarity for a $99 scope. I can read the 4"-5" address letters above a stop sign at 991 yards. played with the elevation adjustment and it is nice and pretty crisp. But like what was already mentioned the numbers on the AO are way off.
Forgot to add, when both are set a 20 power this scope is clearer at 991 yards then my $500 hawke sidewinder. If anyone is on a slim budget and wants to try this scope but is unsure. TRY IT I dont think you will be disappointed. The olny down side I see is no parallax adjustment but not a big deal.
My local gun dealer will not handle Simmons any longer because he had so many returns. I had two different 6.5-20 Simmons scopes years ago on my rimfire silhouette rifle. Sent both of them back because of focus problems. Once at a match, I saw a lady with this same scope on her Anschutz. When she walked past me, I asked her how she likes the Simmons. Her short reply was: "It's a piece of s##t"
They have gone to a new design in recent years with the Simmons scopes... different erector arrangement and turret system... "true-zero" I think they call it. From what I've read, they've been well received and are working great. The older Aetecs had some pretty decent glass in them... don't know if they're still using that glass, but it's on par with some scopes in the 500 dollar range.

Good luck with your scopes. They'll most likely serve you well.

here's a link you might be interested in...

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