sightron scopes


Jan 21, 2003
I have 2. replacing the one on my .300winmag, with a kahlas with tds. The 2nd one is for my .223 when it comes in.It is the 6-25x50.These scopes do not have target knobs. I bought stony point knobs, and they would skip.I retuned the knobs.Thats why this scope is going on my .223 instead of my .308 which it was bought for.I'm looking at leopolds, burris, and maybe the Zeiss 6.5-25.
I am thinking about buying one of these scopes but cannot view one first, So if anyone can give me info on repeatability and quality it would be great.

A BSA will beat it all to hell for a lot less money. The 6.5 to 24 Contender will eat it's lunch. I don't sell scopes just based on experience with both.
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