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Sep 16, 2009
What are some good sturdy shooting stick that any of you use? I am looking for a good pair of sticks that are not flimsy like all the stoney point sticks. I have found a couple of the African style sticks but they are $300 and up, i cant fathom paying that. I would like a pair that could hold a 10+lb gun with out bending in the cases where i cannot get prone.
I am at the moment considering Bog Pod's camoflagued version of either Bi or Tripod. That or simply making a set from scratch that will double as a walking or hiking staff.

If you don't mind the bright red grips on the standard Bog Pod, The Tripodis on sale at Amazon for 89.99.

If you live near a Cabela's, a little known fact is that they will price match as long as the item is in stock. So you could save yourself shipping and get the reduced price....

A while back I had them price match the Forster Co-ax that was on sale at Midway USA and I had a 20.00 off flyer. All told I got it for about 210-217.00 out the door and no shipping.

Midway still has that Press for the sale price but last I looked it was backordered so today Cabela's would not match it probably.
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