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    Jun 25, 2003
    I went about installing this trigger into my HS HTR today and found that it didn't fit.
    I decied to try and grind away the part of the housing that was interfering with the installation, which went fine.
    (surprising cos I'm not much of a smith, my qualifications are own a dremmel tool and have an imagination)

    Only then I found I wouldn't get the trigger to a setting where it wouldn't fire as you close the bolt.
    At best, the firing pin would slowly goo about halfway to and you got a half "click" dry firing.

    I put it aside and decided to let the smith take care of it.

    Feeling inspired I started fiddling with the original trigger and adjusted it to the lowest setting that wouldn't fire if you slammed the bolt down or knocked the stock.

    At the end of the session I was very very hapy with the trigger adjustment, having also worked out how to set it for creep and overtravel.

    Anyone else had trouble getting standard Rem 700 stle triggers to fit a HS? I took the option of modifying the trigger which most me $70 rather than the rifle...sound like good practise?

    I am learning here.
  2. RBrowning

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    Feb 8, 2002
    Do be careful when setting a Remington trigger's pull weight down. I did this to my 700VS-SF 22-250. I got the pull down to about 1.5 pounds. I tried everything I could think of as a test. I slammed the bolt closed. I slammed the butt against the floor. I pulled the trigger with the safety only half way on. All worked well and I was happy too.

    Until about 1 year and 1000 rounds later when it fired as I closed the bolt after loading. Twice this happened. I reset the trigger to about 3.5 pounds and it hasn't happened since. I hope it never does. It leaves a real sick feeling in your stomache when it goes boom when it isn't supposed to. Fortunately I had been following good muzzle control because there was five of us standing around loading up to go chase prarrie dogs when this happened the first time.

    Remember, never let your muzzle point at something you don't want to destroy, especially your hunting buddies, they are too hard to replace. [​IMG]