Setting up my model 700 MLR 338 lapua..


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Jan 21, 2009
I finally recieved my (new) remington model 700 MLR in 338 lapua. It has the old style magazine (3 shot). I was wondering if I would be able to shoot the 300 grain matchkings out of it, I am not sure how far I will be able to seat them with this magazine?. I am just starting to set the gun up and so far I have a 20 moa base. I plan on reloading for this gun it is a 1:10 twist with a 24 inch barrel+break.

Not familar with your rifle so maybe you could measure the mag length. The 338 Lapua w/300smk COAL=3.680
Well I live in Alberta canada so it took me over a year to track one of these rifles down. I paid $2000 for it that included bedding and a 20 moa rail. Gun prices are very high up here. You guys don't know how luck you have it down south with your selection and prices.
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