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To All:

Due to National Forest regulative procedures, I am looking for a Private Land Owner who would be kind enough to rent me use of their property to instruct on. The area needs to be close to Denver, Colorado, with land features similar to the following coordinates:

40°17'31.32"N 105°29'8.27"W

If this is possible, I would love to speak with you. I can be reached at: (800) 651-1050

Best Regards,

Ward W. Brien
Sniper Tools Design Company, LLC
Sniper Tools Design Co
wish i could help you. Was hoping you'd be on the east coast =\ my family owns a few hundred acres in VA and i will have a 1200 yd range by next summer if all goes smoothly.
Not sure how close to Denver you want to get but the Whittington Center in Raton, MM has a wide variety of terrain. It's ~ 3 hours drive from Denver.

NRAWC Homepage
Hey Ernie:

Perhaps two hours. The area will need the following:

1. High Altitude

2. Mountains with accessible peaks

3. Infrastructure close by; i.e. lodging, medical, etc...

Thank you for taking your time to email me about this.

Talk to you later,

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