Need to sight in Rifle in Colorado-out to 1000? Where?

Hunter Allen

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Jul 13, 2019
Hi, I have drawn a elk tag for this year and want to get my dope for elevation at 8500+ for out to a 1000' preferably, but 600 is fine.
Where can I go? I am visiting Colorado (denver, boulder,Aspen, Vail areas) from July 22-25th. Any suggestions? Also looking for a spotter as well. Out here by myself on business and brought the rifle to see if I can get this dialed before October.
Thanks for any help.
In the Soviet Socialistic State of Colorado it is getting hard to find a place to shoot let alone at distances over 200yds. You might try the Pueblo West Gun Club!
national forest is legal to target shoot in--know your back stops, stay clear of people and roads, careful for sparks (don't wan to start any fires)

ben lomond gun club is out east, they have out to 600yards but around 6500msl, CO rifle club in pueblo that goes to 1000 but elevation is lower than you are looking for, Pawnee sportsmans center has 1000 but only at 4800msl, gonna be hard to find a 100y range at 8000+ in CO other than public land
Three options that I know of. Chaffee county shooting range. It’s right next to the Chaffee county dump halfway between Buena Vista and Salida. It’s a free public range. I haven’t been there in 5 years since I moved 3 hours north. It had steel to 1000 yards. The other option is South Park. Public land (BLM and Forest Service) near Fairplay, CO. Or up where I live. I can shoot basically as far as I want in North Park on BLM.
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