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Dec 13, 2002
Baker wv
well after 4 years my PDA is fading fast and I'm looking to replace it, what do you guys use, that can be bought today to run exbal? thanks all
Palm or PC version? Check on Ebay. I bought a Dell Axim X30 on Ebay to run LoadBase on and the price was very reasonable. It's a windows based unit but you can also find Plams as well.
I use an ASUS A626 using windows mobile 6.0. I got this one from Dell on sale

and I'm also running LoadBase 3.0
does windows mobile use the palm or PC version? main thing I'm looking for is a handheld to run exbal with a larger screen than my palm zire pda. had a helluva time the other day, my vision is very poor in my right eye, I was running dope on the pda, am almost 50 so very nearsighted, was standing in 8" of wet snow, all of a sudden the left lens pops out of my reading glasses and falls in the snow, couldn't see nothing, finaly in a desparation move I put the glasses on upside down and could see a little bit of what the charts said.
I was pretty silly looking, the whole gang was ribbing me but me and kirby put the deer on the truck.
so anyone make a pda, or simular with larger screen? by the way after the past week I'm also "search engine challenged" so haven't found much.
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