Seating die squish???


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Sep 23, 2021
Hi All, I'm wondering what happened here:

Trying to seat these BD2s in 7-08, and this one, the third case through, does this. We did 20 others and they all came out (and shot) fine. Is this a defect in the case, some weird interaction with the seating die, or something else I'm not seeing? I'd like to avoid randomly squishing cases in the future. This was the standard Redding seating die with micrometer.
Side by side with factory ammo, since we shot all the others we loaded up:

Also, should we shoot this? I'm tempted to see if it chambers, and if it does can we fireform this back into proper shape?
This is unfired nosler brass. I didn't check the length because I didn't think it would be an issue.
I have run into this from time to time too and it always has to do with the crimp. I can't tell from the picture whether there is a canellure on the bullet but looking at the cases side by side it appears that they are the same length to the top of the case meaning the damaged one would have been too long for the setting of the crimp. Always check the length on all brass, no matter if it is used or new. There is a lot of variation even with new factory brass.

I would not try to fire this case or any one like it. Put it up on display on your loading bench as a reminder not to do this again. :oops: