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    The formation of the hunt started in a bar in Ketchikan, Alaska between fishing trips while talking to some awesome ladies. When I say fishing I'm talking commercial fishing for salmon in SE Alaska. Long story short we got a patch of sunny weather and clear sky's which happens about as often as a blue moon for the rest of the country I decide to take a week off fishing and go hunting/hiking, and given the recent motivation by the ladies at the bar we gear up and head out.

    First stage of th trip is heading 13 miles to another island and anchoring the boat taking a small inflatable ashore with our gear. Two of use booth carried packs with approximately 40-50lbs of gear. We were planning on 3-4 day trip. Once ashore we walked up th trail to a forest service shelter and took a look around. Then hopped into a John boat and I rowed 1/2 to the other side of the lake. This is where the real trip begins. We battled thick blueberry patches for 1.5 uphill until we emerged into muskeg and where we Had a easy hike across open ground the the real climb begain. Hand an knee for a 200 yards and another 400 until reaching a solid fairly open ridge. Hours later we found a amazing alpine lake overlooking three lakes and with a view of 40 miles. This all took 8 hours to reach a 2500ft. Slow going

    Dropped off the great and with water and rifle in hand we continued up the mountain looking for deer. Toppng a ridge we spotted two deer fairly close 200 yards the proceeded to spot about 8 others it didn't want to make a move on be bigger buck about 1000yars away because of the vertical territory so we headed back down to the lake with our gear.

    Rising the next morning e hiked back up with empty packs ready to haul of meat out. Reaching the top only 2 bucks were spotted and the wait begain. After 2 hours of glassng and hopeing something would show I decided to move forward under he curios eye of a doe. Reaching a saddle I took a look over the ridge nothing insight so I was time to move along....
    And suddly a buck pops up and is staring at us 100 yrds away. After a short interval I took my shot and down goes the buck , out of sight on snow. Oh ---- we hike 800 feet down to the bottom of the snow looking for him nothing.... Darn did I miss, the rifle got beat to hell on the hike up but it's a mark 4 and there suppose to be tough. Hike back up and the buck fell between the ice and rock wow... Cleaned him up and threw him in the pack ready to head down. My hunting partner heads up to e actual peak and I had down to camp. 2 hours later and multiple times I thought I was going to fall off the mountain I reached camp. My friend shows up and he left his camera at the top, oh well retrieve it in the morning. Walk up at 5 and we were clouded in off he goes for a 1.5 hr hike 2.5 hrs later he shows up. Down the trail we go with 70 lbs on our back. 4 hrs later we reached the boat successful.

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    Love alpine deer in August/September! Haven't been lucky enough to get a picture of a fuzzy head in the snow yet though!
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    Sweet. Congrats & on finding him too.:)
    Got any more pics of the 2 boats in use? Them views are +10.