Scout scope on .375H&H


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Jun 25, 2003
Aussie in Italy
Not really LR but I was after advice.
I want to mount a 2.3-8x32 extended eye reliefe scope on my .375H&H.
After playing around with two pistol scopes on handguns, I found them to be nothing short of crap, and they were both good quality scopes.

One Leupold 4x and a Nikon 2.5 - 8 or somthing.

The main problem was that they seemed to be very sensitive to sideways movement.
You could very easily loose the picture and it was hard to maintain the right distance for correct eye relief.

Now, I realize that mounted on a rifle things will be a lot more stable but what kind of success have people had with long eye reliefe scopes at higher mag (8x) on a rifle?

The scope I am eying off is the Leupold Vari-X 2.5-8x32mm Extended Eye Relief

It is supposed to be a handgun scope, which is now worrying to me since I had a look through some.
Eye reliefe is 45cm at all magnification, which is reassuring at least.

Any advice?
I had scout scopes on three rifles for three years. I never tried using a handgun scope in that role, I am given to understand that the eye-relief on a pistol scope is too long for the usual scout position. I'm not sure.

One of the reasons I got rid of the scouts was the lack of magnification. There were several instances in which I could, with 8x binos, see a perfectly good hole in brush to shoot a deer through, but could not find the same hole with a 2.75x scout scope.

The other major problem I had with scouts is hunting in the rain. With conventional receiver mounting, you can keep your Butler Creeks down with your thumbs on the tabs and pop them open pretty quickly and with little movement. Not so the scout.

The third problem was a setting sun anywhere behind me caused so much glare off the ocular lens that I could not see to shoot.

The vaunted speed advantage of the scout didn't pan out when I got into my IPSC bag, pulled out my PACT timer, and compared scout snap-shots to conventional snap-shots. Practice is more important.

The only advantage I see to the scout is on really heavy recoiling rifles, to keep the darn thing off your face, so, the trade-offs might be worth on your .375.

Good luck.

PS Another "Cooper" thing, the Ching or CW sling, is outstanding. By the time your *** hits the ground you can be looped-up, have the magnification cranked up, the rifle in your shoulder and the safety off. It works like a charm.
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