Scopes with capped windage exposed elevation


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Jan 31, 2013
Hey guys, I am looking for a new hunting scope and have gotten in my head that it would be nice to have one with capped windage but exposed elevation turrets. In my looking around I have only found two who offer this.

Vortex HS LR and Nightforce NXS compact, I would really like to try out a nightforce but the vortex is more in my price range right now. NF SHV is a strong option also but I havent sold myself on it yet.

Do companies offer this "custom"?


swarovski with the BT
Leupold with CDS
Bushnell LRHS
G7 Nightforce
probably others but these come to mind
The 4x16x50 xlr is hard to beat if you can find one..ffp is a nice option and the 2bc reticle is awesome.
I run two of these scopes couldn't be happier for the money.

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