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Jan 2, 2004
i am 18 and i am wanting to buy a rifle to shoot dingoes, pigs, etc. from a fair distance (say up to about 300, 400m) the old aussie pig is pretty tough and i was woundering if a 270 win with a leupold LPS 2.5-10x45 would be alright??

open to all suggestions
4.5x14 is perhaps better on small target no really need to have 2.5 except for bush shooting

LPS is good but costly , Long range from Leupold is better priced for the quality and you get hight turret wich really help you if you shoot from 100 to 400 because to make accurate shots you need to modify your elevation , new Nikon are very good too .

270 WIN is a good caliber but bullet choice is not the best , a 280 REM can do better and allow you to use both traget and hunting bullets or a 6.5x55

good shooting

A .280 is only marginally faster than a .270 with normal factory loads (40 fps with 150 grain) but a .270 has a greater sectional density giving you a little more penetration. Also, .270 ammo is readily available at any store that sells ammo. If you can find Light Magnum ammo by Hornady or High Energy ammo from Federal (3000 fps 150 grain) you could send some lead really flying piggy's way.
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