Scope power for long range ????


Dec 3, 2008
I am going to purchase a Sightron 2 Big Sky . The question is which will be better for long range hunting; the 4.5-14x44 or the 6.5-20x50. The 14x has 80 MOA, the 20X has 60 MOA. I need apprx. 20 moa @ 800yds and 28 moa @ 1000 yds so I should be ok with adjustment range in either scope right? If I had to I could use Burris *** align inserts with the 20X scope to center my optics better. Do I really need 20X on deer sized game at longer ranges? Thanks again for your inputs. Brian
When the 20x is centered, you'll have half of the MOA in either direction. So for elevation on long shots, you'll have 30 MOA. If you used the inserts or a 20 MOA base, you would be fine. I think the 14x is plenty for long range hunting, the 20x would be better if you planned on shooting targets where the extra magnification would help see a distant bullseye. For my main hunting rig I use a 4.5 X 14 because I want the extra field of view and feel that 14x is plenty of magnication for long shots on game.
Glass clarity, resolution and depth of perception is way more important than magnification IMHO&E
Thanks guys. I went with the 4.5-14 Sightron. I'll let you know how I like it. Ordered from SWFA and should be here in 3 days. Brian
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