Savage.... worth it? and possible build


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May 20, 2009
Sonoma County, CA
My buddy has a Savage model 116. It has a grey laminate stock, muzzle break (not sure if its from factory or not) and its stainless.

It is a .300wm

It has a TOTAL of 30 rounds through it. Not beat up at all, pretty clean. I can purchase it for $300.

First question is, is it worth it?

Next, If so...
I wanted to build a 7mm-08 for my wife. Shorter barrel, "light as possible"....

Would this rifle be a good donor rifle for a build without breaking the bank? We just had our first baby so I dont have ALOT of money for this. Just want something is accurate, reliable, and something she will enjoy.

Thanks guys,
well first 300 aint bad for the 116 but you can get a stevens brand new for the same price if you can find one in 7-08 already.

then just put a rifle basix trigger in it and you'll have a light rifle that you wont let your wife shoot because you'll be shooting it all the time ;-}
If it has an accutrigger its a 116 fc or fh sak and they are over 700 new, the stainless action is worth that, i'd definently buy it.
1st Question.

is 116 worth 300? (especially if modern accutrigger)

ans, yes.

2nd Question

Work & $ changing to 7-08?

Barrel nut wrench, vise, bedding, barrel block (homemade or purchased), bolt head swap, barrel, mag & follower swap, load development (for any caliber or rifle, just a general expense) etc...

Maybe cheaper / easier to start with a savage in 7mm 08 and hope the barrel is halfway decent, but at least if you do the build (with this rifle) you could pick up a match barrel to start with.

If you really want to start with match barrel and intend on switching out the factory one, then it doesn't matter as much what specific caliber you start with, however, you will end up changing the mag and bolt head from this one. All that little stuff adds up money wise. Maybe make your entire shopping list first, figure on adding 20% for unforseen changes you might make etc.. then decide if it is for you or not.

How is the current trigger, does the bolt operate smoothly, is the safety smooth?
Its not exspensive, 20 bucks for a bare bolt head, use the ejector and extractor from the original, if its a centerfeed you'll need a magizine 20 bucks, barrel wrench 30 buck or rent it with a go gauge at 18 bucks for both. CBI ss match barrel 279 or a factory take off 60 bucks, and its very simple. Don't over think things, worse case is you can sell it for 50 bucks more than you give for it.
OK guys I got the full scoop on the rifle....

Savage 116
.300 WM
does NOT have the accutrigger
grey laminate stock
30 rounds through factory barrel

Iam assuming its an older model due to lacking the accutrigger. Not sure if being an older model drops what it is worth.....

$300 out the door.... would you do it?
Its still worth it by far, that means its a stagger feed, so no need to buy a magazine now, and it should have the factory 3 screw trigger which can be tuned to 2-2.5lbs or replaced with a rifle basix fo under 90 bucks from Eabco. You can also get 75 or so for the 300wm barrel when you take it off.
Everybody missed one important factor. This is a magnum long action. Will be tough to get the short 7/08 to feed from this box.

But, I would NOT turn down a stainless 300 WM for $300.
There actually isn't a feeding issue, I have a 308 on a 110e 7mm rm action, all you have to do is make sure the rounds are all the way against the back of the mag and it cycles just like it should.
Clean, well conditioned stainless savage in any caliber for $300....... Worth having? Worth building? Worth buying? .............................In one word: YES............In two words: HELL YES.
For $300 I'd be all over it and leave it as is! Like Acloco said the magazine is gonna need some work to get to work well for the 708 round, yes it will work but I sure wouldnt expect my wife to like it.
If however you proceede there are a couple of things that might help.
A 7mag barrel would be a dirrect swap and shooting 120 grain bullets or reloads could get it to 708 recoil.....For that matter you could reload the 300 WM down.
Most of the factory 708 barrels are going to be 1/11 twist, not realy a problem as the 120 grain bullets work great in the 708 anyway.
I for one would swap you a .473 bolthead for a .532 .....Depending on if its a small or large fireing pin?
Carefull as this Savage swapping stuff can be very ddicting:D
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