Savage Weather Warrior Questions


Sep 30, 2012
Looking at buying a Savage Weather Warrior .308 w/accutrigger and accustock SS model. Anyone using one of these or in a different caliber. I did a search on here and haven't found to many people using them. A guy I used to work with was shooting it in 30-06 and said was hitting good groups at 800m. He does shoot often and is in the military. I want the .308 for deer hunting in Wisconsin (would also like to take a elk with it at some point). Most shots are within 300 yards but would like to do long range shooting with it 800 yards would be nice possible 1000. So is this gun worth buying? What caliber would you get? Was leaning toward a 6-24x50 scope because of the long range stuff but doing some more thinking I might consider a 4-16x50. For shots within 300 yards can I acquire a target in the early morning with a 6-24 scope? I'm only used to 3-9 scopes. Basically would like some opinions on the set up. Thanks.
For target to 800-1K, the .308 would be a good option. For deer and Elk, the .308 would be a great option. To 600 yards good for deer, and take very good shots on Elk. To 800, the 308 will be ok, but you need to have good shot placement. For elk at that distance, you will want to step up to 30-06 or bigger. A well placed shot on an elk at that distance with a .308 will work, but a lot will caution you on that here. You need to be using heavy bullet hand loads for that kind of shooting. Nothing wrong with the 06'.

As for scope, for target you will definitely want to shoot the highest power scope you can afford. Some would argue 18x would suffice. Others say higher, some some 10x works. For a low power scope, you want the best glass you can afford for clarity purposes. 4-16 would do plenty for big game hunting. Depending on the glass you might be able to target a groundhog. I had trouble with a 14x Nikon at seeing groundhogs at 1100yds. They would get buried in the cross hairs. 4-16 is a good range. IF it is going to be more specific to target, to with a 6-something power. If you are going to be more specific for hunting, then a 4-12, 4-14, 4-16, 3.5-10 would be a good option. Me personally, I would and have hunted with a 6.5-20 Viper. I shot a deer at 147yds and had to dial down to around 6-8 power to see it well enough to pick my shot. That was on a 4.5-14 Nikon Buckmaster using a .308.

So there you have it with my opinion.

PS- Can't go wrong with a Savage. I love all of mine!:D
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