Savage replacement stock


Aug 31, 2010
Air Force
I have a Savage model 10 in 308 with the new DBM and bolt release on the trigger guard. I'm having a hard time finding a stock that will fit that particular configuration. My question is can I get a stock that is inleted for a blind magazine rifle and cut out the hole for the bottom metal? I have found stocks that are designed for the DBM but with the bolt release on the top. Would modifying one of these stocks be a better idea? I can see how i would have to remove less material, but the stocks for even that model are limited. My budget wont allow for a $500+ stock so thats out of the question. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Or someone could just slap me in the face and show me what i am missing. looking for a tactical style stock like the B&C Varmint/Tac or even just a something like the Boyds Varmint thumbhole or EABCO has a Varmint thumbhole model that I like. At $100 for a boyds thumbhole it would be worth experimenting with the inlet job if you guys think that would work. Thanks in advance