Savage 93R17 regular vs heavy barrel


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Feb 9, 2009
Hi, I'm looking for the difference in accuracy between savage 17HMR standard barrel vs heavy barrel. Say if I shot 20 rounds in 2 minutes, would it be hot enough that I need to go with bull barrel to keep the accuracy?
I have the bull barrel thumbhole model in stainless and have a friend that has the light barreled model.

the accuracy difference is significant.
Mine will shoot between 3/4 and 1/2 inch at 100 and his probably shoots around 1.5 or so.

The bull barrel doesn't just help it stay cool longer, it improves barrel harmonics which in turn tighten groups.

As far as heat buildup with the 17hmr, it shouldn't be a problem.

I've shot 50 rounds without letting the barrel cool and the barrel was only warm to the touch.
get the bull barrel, I was shooting primers out of 357 mag shells at 50 yards 1 after another... I love my 93r17 bull barrel its fitted with a 3-9 bipod and 5-15x40 bushnell elite 3200 scope...
I'll second that,
I've shot the primers out of shotshells at 75 in prone without sandbags or a bench.
It really is an amazing rifle.
I can confidently take a 100+ yard head shot on a squirrel.
If I miss, it's my own fault, not the gun's.
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