Savage 116 Weather Warrior in 7mm Rem Mag- User Feedback?

Dutch Jennings

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Jun 8, 2019
Winchester, Virginia
Last month I got some very good feedback on a post I made about a possible mountain rifle for an Alaska hunt I might take. Feedback was that my old Savage 30-06 could fill the bill but that the weather would probably destroy the nice wood stock. Many counselled getting into some of the big magnums. I found a factory new rifle at a killer price that I snapped up and hope would work well- Savage 116 FLCSS Weather Warrior. Not a big magnum but a 7mm Remington Magnum. The ballistics numbers on 7mm RM look good to me, but it does not appear to be a real popular chambering in Alaska- have I missed something? Also if anybody has used the Savage Weather Warrior- what was your experience with it in the field? Thanks.
I have a 16 flcss and am very happy with it. Depending on the scope, you will end up just over 9 pounds.
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