Savage 112 bvss performance


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Mar 13, 2003
Southern Wisconsin
I've had a Savage 112 bvss with a fluted 26" stainless steel barrel in 300 win mag since 1998. I have never shot this gun over 300 yds. This fall I intend to sit a leupold 4.5x14x50 long range M1 on top of it. I'm wondering what type of range I can expect from this setup. I shoot winchester supreme 180 gr. failsafe for the moment. (hope to start reloading soon after scope purchase). Any information from someone with experience with this type of setup would be appreciated. Thanks.
Thanks s1 that's more range than I was hoping for, but it's nice to know this setup is capable of that range. Since I'm new to the LR stuff I'd have to say this shooter is still a work in progress, but I'll keep banging away.
Hey Winmagman, These are pictures from my 112BVSS a couple weekends ago. The groups are on the steel gong and are from 609 yds. out. In the Prone pic. the target us up against the far treeline!



The only difference is that mine is a .22-.250. It is topped with a Weaver T-36. Best gun I own and I own alot of guns!!
The bottom pic. of the steel gong is of the group. There are 9 shots in the group. The two shots to the right was of my buddies .223 and he was shooting at 900 yds. So to clarify it is the 9 shot group.

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Savageshooter, that's some darn immpressive shooting. I'm still putting things together with my 112, but if I can get groups twice that size at that distance I'll be tickled to death. Thanks for the pics.
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