Sendero or 112 BVSS ?


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Jun 25, 2003
Eastern US

I don't know how experienced you are in LR hunting, so I can't give you any voice of experience as I'm new myself, but I can tell you what the crowd in here likes.

The guys here really like the 300 Win. Mag as a long range caliber. It's got a long history, many followers, and tons of reloading data.

Personally, I preferred to get a 7mm Remington Ultra Mag in the Remington 700 Sendero Stainless Fluted. For me, it is about as close to custom as I can afford. It's a really flat shooting cartridge and is plenty for shooting whitetails out to 1000 yards (if I can
) I recently got it, haven't shot it. I'm topping it with a good scope, adding a bipod and will be shooting handloads.

I don't think you could go wrong with the Remmy or the Savage (Savage has come a long way) - both have been reputed to be good factory production rifles. If you're working on a tight budget though, I'd get the Savage and spend the extra money on a GREAT scope (target turrets, fairly high magnification, parallax adjustment OR adjustable objective) and either a bi-pod or "The Ultimate TriPod" some of the guys in here use. Don't forget about components for reloading (if you do reload, and if not consider getting into it, custom or match grade bullets are often used in LR hunting). Most all the shooters in here reload because of the accuracy required.

Hope this helps and good luck!
Samson, I own a 112bvss in 300 mag, and that would be my recomendation. Not because I think its a better rifle, but becuase its just as good at a cheaper price. Someone on this forum has a tag line that reads "A good rifle with a cheap scope is still junk". Spend the rifle savings on good optics.
Samson you may want to check out the Tikka long range hunter,the price is about the same as a Remington 700 BDL. They come with a 26" hvy bbl and a trigger set at 3lbs out of the box. They are made by Sako, I have one in 7mm Mag and it is shooting a .324 inch group at 100 yds with hand loads, it is also chambered in 300 Win Mag. Not tring to confuse the issue, just thought I'd give you another option, the more I shoot mine the more I love this gun, without the custom price. GOOD LUCK !!
There are a lot of the seasoned LR Hunters that are using the .300 RUM, and improved versions of it. Savage or Remington both good rifles, Remington is probably better suited if you plan on building a custom rifle. Good luck!!!!!!!!!

Frank D
I may be purchasing a new rifle before the summer is out. I have been looking at another 300 win mag in the Savage 112BVSS and the sendero. I could use some help here. Is it worth the extra $ for the remy and if so should I just save and get custom. I will be shooting between 500 and 1000 yds for whitetail. Any help would be appreciated.
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