Savage 10 .243 Stock?


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Jul 15, 2009
Casa Grande, AZ
Hi all, I picked up a nice little used rifle for my 12 year old daughter and am getting ready to upgrade it. It is a "newer" model with accutrigger.

Researching stocks, it seems like not many are offered for this platform. What would you recommend that will keep the weight down but will provide rigidity? Cost is certainly a factor. I'll probably shoot it more than she will. 😂 thanks for your time.
I have 3 savages, all in aftermarket stocks. I have the choate which is super heavy but stiff, an MDT HNT26 which is of course very rigid being a chassis and very light but expensive, last one is in a hogue with the full aluminum bedding block but the fore end still touches the barrel with ease. The accustocks are okay but make sure your recoil lug is compatible. If it didn't come as a factory accustock rifle you would need to change out the recoil lug to fit in an accustock. I actually have one for sale on ebay right now, it's stiffer than the hogue but not as stiff as the choate.

I have a Boyd's laminated stock on my Savage 110 6mm-TCU. Was just checking the other day for another possible build, and to keep the weight down I'd go with a Boyd's walnut stock.
In my last two Savage builds I used the factory stocks with aluminum arrows epoxied from under the recoil lug to the swivel stud. Pretty solid without too much weight.
I built a 6.5x284 hunting rig for my son when he was 11 or so. It was a pawn shop doner action with a Shaw barrel and I chose the Boyd's AT-One stock. I added some pillars to the stock, but I think Boyd's offers pillars now from their factory. The angular profile of the stock took some getting used to, but he is now 16, 6'3" tall and the adjustable stock has grown with him. I just wish I could find some waders that would grow with him too! I highly recommend the AT-One for growing kids.
Numerous options here.

yeah, but either not what I'm looking for or too expensive. That Stockys carbon looks good, but out of the budget.

Looking at another Boyds. I have one on my wife's 7 RM and we like it. Looking at the "spike camp" in walnut.

I would love something with a vertical grip, is rigid, and lightweight, has good bag manners, and is inexpensive. 😂