Savage 10/110 338 Lapua Magnum BA LE


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Nov 23, 2012
This is my rifle listed above, I love it ! I am new to shooting long distance, past 500 yds., I took a long range precesion class, took top marksman, I shot Lapua brass, 250gr. Serria HPBT match king bullets out to 800 yds. Hit 4 inch bullseye at 800 yds. I shot at ranges from 100 yds. out to 800 yds. I foregot to tell you I use a Night Force 5X22X50 mm scope. I want to shoot farther and faster ! Do I need to go to 300 gr. Serria HPBT match king bullets ? I am going to load my own rounds, so any sugestions on powder would be apreated. I have a set of Redding compitition precesion dies to load with and a Lee single stage press. Can use all the help I can get ! I hit the bulseye on all distances with one shot except for two targets 438 and 482 yds. it took two shots on these two. Thank you for any and all help !!!!!

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