Santa was good to me and my eyes.

Good for you ss7mm!! Mrs. Clause has been good to me all year and a had a decent year for collecting a little "sock drawer" $$. I found her a 1939 Farmall A that's been well kept and cleaned up. She's wanted that tractor since we met. Her gran-dad had one and she's always talked about it. We don't have a farm, but we do have a big yard and it came with a belly mower. Other than that it will be "intra-neighborhood transportation":D.
congrats to both of you. I recieved a 1980 Browning A5 magnum 12 in mint condition(metal perfect and four minor marks in wood). I have always wanted one but don't shoot much shotgun anymore so I couldn't justify spending the $$$ on something I will probably just look at. Evidently my wife could, I sure was lucky when I found her.

Dick, Are you aware that that cool 24" monster of a moniter has a built in camera cause your face is coming up on everyone screen with your post:DOnly kidding!!! 24"-I'm jealous but, happy for you:) +1 with you on same-my wife and I support each other in each ones interest. Hope you had a good Christmas and may the New Year bring you and yours all you hope for.
Good one, made me laugh. Green socks that's all I ever wear too...not a big deal can't see much...well ya know it's cold here.:D
I did alright this Christmas, too. My second grandchild's first Christmas. He doesn't know the "green socks rule yet, though".

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