Salmon zone

Cody Richardson

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Feb 5, 2020
New Albany, Indiana
starting to plan our 2021 trip. Will be 3 of us heading to the Salmon zone for elk and muleys. Anyone have any experience in this zone? Will be our for late rifle season. Feel free to PM, any help would be greatly appreciated!
Get in the best shape you have ever been in, then exercise lots more, nasty steep. Been hunting there for 19 years, never seen a shoot able deer in the woods this year, found a few wolf kills so purchase a wolf tag also.elk are hit and miss depending on the weather.
Are u referring to the area east and north of North Fork? You mentioned late rifle gen season closed on 10/24 this year it was tough we ate serious tag sammiches
Hunted there this year. Saw a decent amount of elk and mule deer. No big bucks though. Elk came in singles or pairs. No big herds but plenty of game in there. Lot of steep steep country. Usually hunt Colorado, but will be going back to Salmon 2021. We didn’t run into any hunters while hunting. Did have one camp not to far from us, but we hunted completely different areas.
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