Salmon River Solutions 5port report


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Apr 1, 2015
North Idaho
Been staring at my new 5 port self timer sitting in the corner of my workshop for a little over a week. Finally got the opportunity to run it a bit... and while looking over the mighty Salmon River itself! Went down to central Idaho to visit family for Father’s Day and brought along my lil tikka.308. Got er dialed in on a piece of paper stapled to a board at a rock pit, then felt pretty slick, so I shot the staples off the paper ( went 5 shots for 4 staples and watched the target hit the ground). Took the ol man out for his first long range shooting session the following day. I grabbed a few data points then set back over the canyons and River breaks playing spotter. We had him making first round shots on MOA and smaller sized rocks and other interesting stuff out to 765.
Great Father’s Day gift for him to watch impact out of a .30 cal (yes ,I know a small one). He usually shoots 7 mag and 338win mag, no brakes and light weight rifles, so 2-3 target shots a year is about average, then just shooting meat.....He ran me out of ammo yesterday ... ! bad shoulders etc...he had more fun than he has in a long time. Recoil was practically nothing even with the light rifle.
The more technical part :
While shooting, I was able to maintain target picture throughout the shot. If I blinked, I had to be shooting beyond 200yds to watch the bullet make a hole. Beyond that, everything was a piece of cake. I backed the power down to 15 ish for most shots after I trued up drops to ballistic calculator.
Shooting conditions were typical Idaho conditions- dirt, gravel grass and trees. No blowback to shooter in the dirt or anything else for that matter.
Brake performed as good or better than anything else I have, and there’s a few... muzzle blast to the shooter was less notable than other brakes I own. All in all, very comfortable and extremely effective. Wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks for a great product, Ken.