Sako TRG-S and Tikka T3 Questions

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    Oct 19, 2004
    Hi Yall,

    I am new to this forum, but not new to shooting. I have recently bought a Sako TRG-S in 7.21 Firebird and was really happy until I read all of the horror stories out here about the poor recoil lug and bedding issues. Can someone explain exactly what the issue is with the recoil lug/bedding and if it is 100% across the board on these rifles? Should I even bother trying to get it to shoot well or should I have a recoil lug and new stock installed first? This is kind of a let down as I thought Sako had their act together. In fact I thought so highly of the company that I also bought a stainless lite T3 Tikka in .270 WSM. Do the T3's exhibit the same recoil lug and bedding issues as the Sako? Overall what do you think of the TRG-S and T3?

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    Jan 4, 2004
    Shark Bait,
    I messed around with a TRG-S in 7.82 Warbird for a friend. Very frustrating! I don't know how much the goofy recoil lug system contributed to the problem. I have talked to a couple of other TRG shooters that have managed .5 MOA. I would suggest that you shoot it and see what your rifle will do. I also suggest that if you handload start very conservatively. Lazzeroni's listed max loads are too hot in some rifles. I have heard of two TRG firing pins being broken and launched out of the back of the bolt into the shooters face. Fact or fiction I can't say it's just what I have heard. I would also recommend a cronograph. Max velocity comes with max pressure. And in the case of the TRG with it's 26" barrel max velocity may not be obtainable. Good luck with your new rifle.