Sako L691 Action

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    Sep 19, 2013
    First post.

    I have a NIB Sako L691 Mag Action that was my fathers. He like to custom build guns for wildcats (6.5 gibbs, 270 Masburn, 300 Mashburn). Anyways he passed on before he could do anything with this Sako Action.

    I am planning using this action to build a 300 win mag. Does anybody have any experience with this action, especially with finding stocks, barrels, detachable mag assembly that fit it. I was thinking about putting a Bartlein #4 on it with a McMillan A-3 sporter, and not sure about a detachable mag assembly.

    Also wondering if anybody knows any reputable gunsmiths that specialize in Sako actions.

    Thanks in Advance,