rock river arms ar15 6.8 spc uppers STILL BACKORDERED... grrr


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Oct 28, 2009
Magee, MS
I guess I should have ordered it months ago... but I was thinking... well maybe this stuff won't last soo long and in a couple months I'll be able to call and they'll just have em in stock and I can probably get it faster that way than if I get put on some kind of list.

I was wrong.... 4-8 more weeks. Gunna go ahead and order wednesday when I get off the water. I would have the other day when I called but the little lady wanted a part number and the web filters won't allow me to get to the RRA website out here @ work.

just wanting to vent a little guys
wow these are some new names to me! I've heard of many AR parts but these are new ones to me. I'll look into them though.
Got you then this is your first one i guess? I started with a wilson combat then an olympic got rid of that fast it was junk then I built 2 on stag arms lowers and sold them all to get and LMT piston gun.

I just threw out the three names because you wanted a 6.8 spc. There are alot more but you realy do get what you pay for and what you can get depends on the state in which you live.

I will list more but the 3 I did list are reasonable priced
LMT, wilson, olympic and stag I am familiar with! lol

Yeah being this is my first AR I'm not sure that I really want to spend 2500 on it just yet. I've heard lots of mixed reviews on ARs though. I have a buddy who owns 3 colts, 1 m&P, and one dpms and for some reason he'de rather shoot his dpms than any of his colts, he also likes the M&P more than the colts also.

I do want an LMT eventually. I'de like to have an AR in 6.8, 5.56, 204, and maybe a 6.5 grendel setup for target shooting.
Colt and S&W are top notch there is also danial defence and pws. PWS is a little diffrent it works like an AK but looks like an AR. I had a DPMS upper I put togher with there parts it was ok but there where rusted metal shavings under the fsb.

I would sugest spending the money now and getting a piston system too. I served in Iraq and Agrhanistan and I hate cleaning the DI AR system but I have an LMT so now I dont have to LOL.

My next AR is going to be PWS or LWRC which ever I find a deal on. Check out m4carbine . net and LWRC fourms classifides for good deals.

I want weapons that are MIL spec and MPI
colt, lwrc, lmt, noveski,danial defence,s&w all meet this criteria.
Joshua, i have a rra 6.8 with only 20 rds through it. A4 model, mint cond. If your interested....cliff
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