RL26 and the 270WCF...Wow

Yeah, RL-26 is hard to find. I luckily bought 8 lbs before hell broke loose. I have a couple guns that shoot it, but they are hunting rigs that see about 10 rounds a year, so I am in no danger of running out too fast. Working up loads burns more though.

In fact, that kind of causes a light to go off in my head -- probably should break the barrel in with some random leftover lot and keep the pixie dust for the earnest work later..... I think I have some RL-22 that I refuse to use in hunting guns due to the temp issues. That ought to work fine for 40 rounds or so to break the barrel in....... Or maybe the last of my IMR-4831 from 1980!
Definitely Test it in the hotter months early as that may save u having to go thru load development all over again. Ask me how I know......😬

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