RL-17 and the 25-06


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May 21, 2008
South of Canada and North of Wyoming
I've been working on loads for my Snedero 25-06 with 110 AB's, 115 Ballistic Silvertips and RL17.

I was able to get 3500 fps with 110's and 55 gr of powder. I had a loose scope rail when I went to do some accuracy and velocity testing with them so I dont have a whole lot of good data on them other than speed. I did shoot a few with some Silvertips yesterday and they were grouping about 1 MOA. I'm getting about 3385 with the Silvertips.

The Silvertips were doing better so I loaded up 20 and went back to the range today and shot four 5 shot groups @ 100, 212, 331 and 427 yds. Those are the ranges at our rifle range :rolleyes::cool: They grouped .61" (for 3), .63" (for 4), 2.5" (for 5) and 3.1" (for 5) There was a spotty, light and variable breeze abot 1-5 mph and the a little mirrage on the 427 yd target which made it tough to get a good POA, since my targets are printed off my computer, black lines on white and no color.

The rifle was given a 21 shot Gun Juice treeatment, and seemed to increas in velocity about 30-40 fps based on some factory loads that I chrono'd before and after.

Will be heading out here shortly to hunt some antelope tomorrow with it.

According to Alliant's reloading info there max load for a 100 grain bullet is 53 grains. Looks like you are quite a bit over max, they recommend 48.5 grains with the 120 grain bullets. How many reloads are you getting out of your brass? Do winchester primers still go in tight after 1 shot?
Yes that is over max according to Alliant's site. I found the same true loading for my 300 WSM as well.

I went as far as getting a slightly stiff bolt then backed off 1/2 grain. I'm seeing no ejector marks or flattened/cratered primers. I'm using Winchester brass and loaded some of them twice since and they are holding primers (Fed 210) well. In short, this is a good, "working max" load for my rifle, so far.
Thats impressing i have 2 257 whby's that your real close to, One of them im only getting 3500 with 100 gr. bullet with 70.5 grains of imr 4831
Wow !! That is impressive velocity !!
What length barrel? I have a Model 70 Winchester in 25-06 with a 24" barrel and I would like to work up to 3200 fps with the 110 grain Accubonds. It looks like I'll try RL 17 powder now.
Have you taken any game with the Accubonds yet? Just wondering what kind of performance to expect.

Thanks, Tom
Tom, it's a 26" Sendero. I went with 115 BST's @ 3405 fps for antelope hunting and shot a buck @ 280 yds. I hit just at the seam of the shoulder and it hit a rib going in and out. It left about a 1 1/2 - 2" exit hole. The goat ran in a cirlce and piled up in a few seconds.
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