Rimfires-using as trainers "keeping it real"

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Nov 17, 2008
IMHO, it is not only is more affordable, but shows up any shooting flaws with more visibility, especially shooting . so since i've been tinkering with the .22 heavily over the last 2 years, i thought i'd send some .308 down range to see if there was improvement.

beginning of last year, was averaging 5shot groups with the .308 at 100 = -1". this year .6"

beginning of last year, was averaging 5shot groups with the .308 at 200 = -2". this year 1.5"

the same goes for all distances up to 550 yards where i start going above MOA. improving my 5shot centerfire groups by .25 to .75 inch or more.

seems all that affordable shooting with the .22lr paid off better than i thought, and by approaching the .22lr in a serious manner (rifle, ammo, and technique) has paid off in the centerfire arena.

i know it's been talked about before, just wanted to throw in 2 more cents, and will probably be doing more rimfire stuff in 2010 than ever before.

alot of folks ask me why i'm "playing" with the .22, that i should stop playing with "toys" and go back to the "real thing".

looks like playtime paid off!


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Sep 5, 2008
Northeast PA
I can agree with that. It's more trigger time, cheap lol. Especially helpfull in reading wind @ 100 - 200 yds. Fun too :). I just built a tricked out 10/22 for that purpose this year, and also use my .17 HMR for this type of practice also. Keep it up.

Good luck.

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