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Aug 12, 2001
NW Arkansas
I still haven't found a stock that I feel works properly for my rem 700 long action. It seems that all the stocks that I have been able to get were all designed for a short action and just retrofitted for long actions.Has any one know of some one who makes or has a stock that fits a long action where the bolt can be opened fully..as in to the rear..with the cheek rest still in place and also has the cheek rest high enough to actualy be use to the shooter.I have a nightforce scope (8-32x56)on high mounts to fit on with the heavy barrel.

ps Im in australia.

1 last thing solid fiberglass is ok but fiberglass shell with %$#@ inside as a core is a waste of money.
Check out www.hsprecision.com and look at the tactical line. They might have what your looking for. Here is a pick of their short action version

I have real problems with teh way HS treats its customers. A friend and I both ordered stocks seperately at the same time. We were quoted a delivery time (I forget what), that HS didn;t even come close to makeing. They were something like three or four fold over what they said. Everytime either one of us would call we would talk to the smae person who would give us the same story and promise to call us back ASAP. The thing that was most disappointing was that she was telling the same BS to two totally different people. When the stocks came, my rifle stopped shooting 1/2 moa and went to 1.25 moa and my buddy who specifically asked if his particular rifle action and bbl would drop in found atht this was not the case. The prairie grass camo looked like *** as well.

I have talked to quite a few other disappointed folks. They will never get my business again. I consider it a $300 lesson learned.
Thanks for your replies so far. HS precision stocks are available here but tactical stock is around $1200 aussie.and they have done the same thing.the stocks are fantastic for a short action rifle but are poor when it comes to a long action and a high scope.I have been going through pictures posted by people from this site and I have noticed that every one has a low cheek rest.In some pictures their chin just makes it to the stock.
I have started drawing plans for my own style of stock.I will see how I go with that.I just dont have the skill to make it.Its frustrating for me because I know exactly what I want/need but there is nothing close on the market.I find it hard to believe that I am the only one with this problem.

the search continues.

I edited your post above and the image now works. Go back to your other non-working posts and hit the edit button. It looks to me as though the image url was put into the post twice. ??

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Thanks Len, I never had problems with Photopoint so I'm just trying this new place for photos and I keep tripping over my own feet.

Also, as far as H.S. precision and ordering here is my experience. I placed the order for this stock in early October and was told that it would be 6 to 8 weeks because of the left hand conversion. It did indeed show up right before Christmas and I was able to get out and give it a test drive. I actually gained a little bit better accuracy, not much but better. So my experience is very positive. They do have adjustable cheekpiece available.
Another place to look for the stock you want might be Master Stocks or Richards Micro-fit.
Good luck in your search.
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