Results with Ramshot powders?


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Apr 6, 2009
I have just purchsed two Ramshot powders, Magnum and Hunter. Going to try them in 25-06, 280, 280 AI, and Weatherby calibers. What results are you guys having with this brand of powder? I have never used them. I have been using RL 22 and 25 but the temp sensitivity affects my point of impact from summer to winter. Your input is greatly appreciated.
Ramshot Magnum produces the highest velocities in all of my over-bore cartridges. It's about as slow as RL25. My 270 WSM hits 3155 fps with a sub-max load of Magnum and 150 gr AB's. Small high pressure signs. That's the fastest that I've got these bullets going. It's only a little temp sensitive. Not nearly as bad as RL22.

The cartridges that like Hunter seems to be less overbore like the 300 WSM.
My 25 WSSM liked it.

If you like RL22 and hate the temperature problems, try Accurate Magpro.
Same burning speed as RL22. Nearly the same velocities as Magnum with less charge weight and good temp stability.

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