Remington Repair Question?


Jun 15, 2005
I have a Remington Model 700 22/250 BDL that I bought new in 1974. I shot the head space out of the gun in 1988 and had the same barrel rechambered. For the last two years the extractor has been hit or miss on throwing out the fired brass. Often it just drops the brass right in the action. Always pulls them from the chamber but wouldn't throw them out. I took the gun to a gunsmith and he said my extractor was broken. Then after a closer examination he said it was totally worn out and needed to be replaced. He tried to put a couple in the bolt and they kept breaking. So he called Remington and they told him to send it in. He sent the bolt to Remington and recieved a called yesterday telling him that they needed the whole rifle and it needed a new bolt and they would have to head space the new bolt. They claimed that the old bolts can't just be fixed with a new extractor. I'm not sure exactly what to do at this point. I may be able to buy a new rifle for pretty close to what this fix will cost but Remington would not estimate the cost they said just send it in. Not sure what to do and have you heard of this before?
I would get your bolt back from remington and have one of the gunsmiths here put a sako extractor on it. I think you can get it dun for around $125
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