Remington 700 XHR

Chuck Boyer

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Jun 26, 2004
I noticed that Big Green has come out with the sexy triangle barreled guns in several hunting calibers. Has anyone shot one in 25-06 or 300 Winnie? How does it shoot? Seems to be alot of gun for the money. What are the pros-cons of a trangle shaped barrel?

the triangle.
the strongest bridge known in architecture is a truss bridge.
it is made of triangles.
when you push anywhere on a triangle, it either contracts or expands(tries and fails) instead of bending.

now how this applies to a rifle barrel....I have no idea...since the loading and vectors involved are completely different...

what is on the inside of the barrel is what matters..whether the outside is round, triangular, or square!!
I have one in 25-06 that i really like. I have been shooting 115 VLD's with good results and it doesnt hardly kick at all.
From what I can find here's the benefits...
Engineers’ perspective on the Remington 700 VTR triangular barrel | The Firearm Blog

I bought one in 30-06. UNFORTUNATELY it was manufactured. The stock magazine well was 300 mag, the serial # was 30-06 and the barrel was 7mm rem mag...

Yes, I am the idiot that didn't look closely enough at my purchase. Please be kind in that perspective.

I have no plans to take any game with this at 100yd or anything close to that. I will attempt to be as accurate as possible at 300 - 500yd and see where I go from there.

Still waiting for Remington to hurry the repair along and replace this gun. I have some pics of it.

In case you are wondering, Leupold VX-3 40mm scope.





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