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    Apr 12, 2014
    Ok, first question from a FNG

    Has anyone had any experience with the "entry level" package deals from Sniper Central? I am looking to get into a rifle that will see about the same hunting and bench time but would like to reach further out and when doing both. They both look like a solid choice (Rem 700 and Howa). I would lean a little toward the Rem because... well, it's a Rem and have never held a Howa. I wan to go with either the .308 or 30-06 (I shoot a Spring 1903a3 now) and am leaning a bit towards the 308 but am open to any and all. The 06 option is $450 more than the 308. I am trying to stay reasonable but I know horsepower equals $$. I reload and have brass,bullets, dies,etc for the 06 but I know dies and brass are not $450.

    The only reason I am looking for a new rifle (the Spring is in great shape and shoots very well) is the one I shoot now was a fam gun that was grandpa's then dads and now mine. I don't want to beat it up in the woods or the range.

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    Dec 20, 2008

    Either of the chamberings are great but I would go with the venerable .30-06.

    I don't have hands on experience on Howa (same as Weatherby Vanguard) but there are lots of members that are happy with them.

    Good luck and a belated welcome to LRH!