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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by lurcher, Sep 24, 2010.

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    Aug 23, 2006
    I know that remmy 700 DM long actions have the feed lips machined out of the receiver so you can't stick a BDL hinged floorplate and spring style mag in as there are no lips to hold the follower

    The kwik klip system from cabelas. Does it fit rem 700 DM long actions? The way it is advertised it sounds like it will fit any 700 long action. I would like to replace the factory DM on a long action and this seems like an inexpensive way to do it. I am aware of the seekins/badger/CDI/HS-precision type of set-ups but they are a bit out of my league at the moment. Thought I might try a kwik klip now and possibly upgrade later.... Although the kwik clip is cheap it seems to get reasonable reviews for what it is and it is light.

    I have also read that there is a loss of OAL with these mags. I was considering rebarrelling this rifle from .30-06 to 6.5X55, a medium length cartridge so hopefully this magazine shouldn't affect the ability to seat bullets out to the lands do you think these magazines would be OK with 6.5x55 cases?

    One other thing, remington 700 DM stocks have cutouts either side of the stock for mag release. Aside from the cosmetic issue will these pose any problems for installing a Kwik Klip?
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    Feb 10, 2010
    I currently have the kwik klip conversion on my 700 in 270 win. Overall I thought it was a very good kit for the price. I originally had an ADL and bought a BDL stock and this kit. I thought having just a magazine to take out after a hunt would be a lot easier than running all the ammo through the chamber. Plus I thought having a 10 round mag would be wicked cool :D, but pointless for the type of hunting I do.

    I only have one major and two minor complaints about the product. First off it does reduce OAL, not by much but enough that I have to shorten my reloads to where my groups go from sub moa to almost 2 moa at 100 yards. This is why I'm currently looking at converting it back to an ADL. Second, the clip does rattle when it is empty and placed in the gun. In reality this will never be a problem since there should always be at least 1 cartridge in the mag and if there isn't, well I think my cover is blown after the first 5 shots. This minor complaint is more about build quality. In general products with high build quality have tighter tolerances, but this doesn't effect the function of the clip. The last minor complaint is that it required more than minor inletting on my part. This could have been since I installed it on a Boyd's aftermarket stock, but I had to remove material in front of the magazine and along the sides for it to fit. Furthermore if you look on Cabela's website it says "Minor inletting required for 700 ADL". Somehow punching a large hole through the bottom of your stock and then taking out additional material on the bottom to me doesn't qualify as "minor inletting".

    The longest OAL I can fit in the mag and reliably feed is 3.325. The suggested OAL for 6.5x55 is 3.149 so unless your lands start halfway down the barrel you should be fine. Just as reference the suggested OAL on 270 win is 3.340, which couldn't even fit inside of this magazine!

    As to whether this kit will physically fit in your DM stock, I couldn't say for sure. I think I've heard of guys converting the DM to a BDL by just replacing the trigger guard and in that case it should work minus the minor cosmetic defect. If you have a buddy that has a BDL just ask to barrow his trigger guard and try it on yours. Hope this helps.