rem 722 bolt


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May 11, 2010
I found a really cheap 722 rifle that I want to use as a donor action. The thing is I know little about this actions and will want to know if I can replace the bolt with a 700 Bolt. I found a 722 Bolt @ PTG but they don´t advertise a 722 firing pin assembly. Will it work with a 700 assembly??
I found some info online saying 700 triggers will work on 722 actions. Is this true??

I have a complete set of 700 parts for a rifle waiting for a donor action and would really like to make it work on this 722.


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Oct 18, 2012
Rapid City SD
Most parts are drop-in interchangeable between the 700 SA and 722. However you may need to make some modifications to the action. For example you will need to file a flat on the right rear tang of the action to accomdate the model 700 safety lever because it is shaped different that the 722. This is really easy to do I did it to a 721 with no problems. Also some bolts are longer than others which may cause a problem. I replaced a 700 bolt with the 721 and had to do some file work on the rear of the action for the bolt handle. The bolt handle was making contact with the rear of the action before engaging the bolt lugs. A little file work and problem solved. The bolts are the same so firing pin assemblies should just drop in. Hope that helps