Rem 700 Classic 7 Mag

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    Nov 25, 2014
    A93AF0B1-8FFC-484D-AB18-65D1C6B90FD9.jpeg C33D9429-3E43-48A6-BB60-CE9D53841B85.jpeg 8D706902-DBB4-4041-B4E1-1275F3080EEE.jpeg BA81F7FC-4DE8-4E8D-8A55-F99B025DE2CB.jpeg 2974C49B-B1B4-4B18-9C7A-9FE0E89900FE.jpeg 41399564-809F-4C15-9734-2B9538B0A03D.jpeg 9E2CB637-A115-4CDF-9A2B-1DBDCB6BB763.jpeg Nice “B” prefix 7 Mag. I believe early 80’s. Has been fired very little (a few rounds every year for big game) and only factory ammo. Has some songs and wear from use. I would rate it at 80-85% conservatively. Nice rifle with just enough character you wouldn’t mind actually using it.

    I am willing to part it out also.

    $499 Shipped

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