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    Nov 11, 2010
    So I have been reloading for a couple years but I just got a new 338 lapua and I want to make precision ammo. So I would like it if guys could say there reloading steps from beginning to end. My main question is, so I shoot a round then I deprime my case with a full length die but only bump the case back a very slight amount, then I have a neck die this is where I am lost how do I adjust this die to fit my chamber. I fired a round and the brass rechambers with ease so do I need to do anything other than deprime?
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    Dec 12, 2011
    I am a little confused on your statement that you are FL sizing and then neck sizing. If you have a body die (does not touch neck at all) it makes sense. If you don't (ie your FL sizer is also sizing the neck) than neck sizing is redundant and unnecessary. I use Redding Type S competition dies for 338LM. Here is my process.

    #1. tumble cases
    #2. Use body die to bump shoulder back 1 thou (hornady 1-shot lube)
    #3. Type-S neck size (deprimes and uses a bushing and carbide expander ball on neck)
    #4. Uniform primer pocket (Sinclair primer pocket tool)
    #6. Trim case to trim-to length (wilson trimmer)
    #7. Chamfer and deburr neck
    #8. Wash brass, brush necks, and dry in oven at 150F (weird, I admit).
    #9. Prime (hornady hand prime)
    #10. Charge cases (use a RCBS 5-0-5 and trickler to get exact as possible)
    #11. Seat bullets (I seat each twice, alter micrometer seater in between so measurment to ogive is exact)
    #12. Burn up all these hours of prep with a few second flight time!

    Hope that helps, and hope I'm not forgetting anything. BTW there is a reloading forum on this site with a ton of great contributors and info. Put your next post there and you'll get someone smarter than me to respond...
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    Oct 23, 2006
    Just back off your full length die a turn or so. If the brass is hard to chamber with this setting, then screw it sown a little at a time until you get a good fit. Size them all this way and load. Next time, if you want to neck size, just use the neck die, not the FL. If the brass gets hard to chamber after several neck sizings, then run them through the FL again. No need to get anal with this, it's not rocket surgery. :)