reloading & humidity


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Nov 30, 2008
I am setting up to start reloading in my work shed (no AC) I live in S W Louisiana the question that I have is the humidity can and does get pretty bad what if any does this have on reloading
I live just up I55. Jackson. Grew up in BR. There is no scale to measure how bad the humidity can get down there. I'd watch out for rust for one. Dies can and will rust quickly. Also I don't know how it will affect your primers and powder. I know on humid days my loads run a bit faster. More O2 in the air is what I've been told.

Eddybo has a portable dehumidifier that he runs in his reloading room that has no central air or heat. It will pull a gallon of H2O out of the McComb air in about .03 seconds. It seems to work pretty well but lots of opening and closing doors will give you problems.
I live close to Eddybo I also keep a dehumidifier in my shop. I've had primers and powder in shop for I know 10 yr with no problems. I don't have problems with my dies rusting either. Before I put the dehumidifier in my shop I had problems with dies and press getting rust on them in just a few days. My walls do have insulation in them.
thanks for the info. sorry that I didn't answer sooner do you have any changes in your load performance when the humidity changes (loaded when humidity is high verses loaded when humidity is low )
Part of your load weight is water vapor. When the humidity is high, your load will be weaker. You can determine the amount by which it is affected by weighing a volume of the powder under differing levels of humidity. You can then adjust your load weight according to conditions.
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