Reloading heavy 6mm bullets


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Dec 26, 2010
I currently own an RPR in .243 with a 7.7:1 twist 26" barrel. I can get Berger and Nosler RDF bullets out the barrel at about 3050 FPS without pressure signs. And when I haven't had too much coffee the gun will usually shoot one hole of 3 shots and more often than not, the same one hole with 5 shots. I'm shooting Berger's 115 Hunter bullets and Nosler's 115 RDF bullets. Almost .100 between the RDF's and Berger's. I never have shot or loaded any of the DTAC 115's but I am about to order some to try. I also have a Remington 700 stacked in a corner some where at Shaw's waiting to be re-barreled with a heavy varmint straight fluted 7:1 26" barrel in 243 Winchester.

I'm hoping I can get some advice from some of the older timers or well versed reloaders about the 3 bullets and maybe, just maybe some one who owns a good rifle with a Shaw barrel on it. I have one on a Model 7 in 6.5 cm and it is a fine one. 0.3" all day every day with three different bullets and loads. Hope this .243 Winchester barrel will be as well built also.

tks much for any input or advice,
Can't give you anything on a Shaw barrel, but I do have multiple 243s set up to run the heavies. DTACs are great in my 7 twist 30" 243 AI. I run them at "moderate speed" of 3150 fps, but remember I have more case capacity and more barrel than you do so that's no where near stepping on the gas for my rifle. 1500 yards capable 6mm, got there easily.

I've sent a 108 Berget BT Target at 3365 using VV N565, but my comp load with those is 3175 using H4831SC. The rifle has always been more consistent with that powder.