Reloader 22 in 6.5 creedmoor

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Nov 14, 2013
Anyone try this combination?

I'm expecting people to say its too slow of a powder. but i find it interesting that people are using this powder in 243's. with the cases so close to eachother,you would think this could work.

anybody have any luck with reloader 22 in the creed? ive got 6 pounds needing to be shot.

EDIT: got on alliant's site, they show data for reloader 22 in the 260, i will probably just go off of that.
I don't shoot a creed but in the 243 I've found my accuracy node WAY above book max with zero pressure signs.
I say why not...give it a try. It's always fun to try new loads.

I recently tried ramshot hunter in my creedmoor and had a nice load at 45 grains with a 130 berger. So the other day we were going to have temps about 10 degrees overnight so I left a few in the toolbox in the back of the truck all night.
The next morning I shot them at the range with an average speed of 2710 fps. The loads that were in the house and the heated truck were 2860 average fps so needless to say I won't be using that powder for hunting.

I have had similar experiences with rl 17 in the creedmoor and rl 22 in a 25-06 so I quit using them, it's a shame because they can be fast and accurate at normal temps.
let us know how it works out,

I have heard of a few guys using H4831SC with good accuracy should be close enough to RL22.
Thanks for the reports guys!

it may be a month before i get to do load development (no optics as of yet)

Interesting to know RL17 is close to 100% case capacity. I figured bare minimum the RL22 will be very compressed.

I also have H4831SC. i will try both.

I should just go buy RL17 and be done with it, but i figure if i have powder i may as well try it.

Also, i have found similar results as you when it comes to temp. sensitivity. I will be switching to H1000 in my larger cases once this RL22 is out.
I have great luck with rl-17. I go with 43.5 gn of rl-17 behind a 140 amax and i get 1/2 moa and 2880 fps. I also just ran a load with a 130 berger on top of 43.5 gn of rl -17 and got a .386 group. Havent had a chance to chrono that load yet.
I've had good results with Reloader 19 & 17,but have never tried testing Reloader 22 in the Creedmoor. I use a lot of Reloader 22 in my 25/06-6.5/06-30/06-300WM.

For the Creedmoor I mainly use the 19 & 17 along with H4350,H414,Hybrid 100V.
This isn't anything scientific but I have been testing RL17 in a plain old 30-06 with 168 berger classics lit with 210M Fed primers since late last summer and according to my speedometer I gain or loose approx. 1 fps for every degree up or down. This has been from -5F to 90F degrees.

The good news is the RL17 has been far surpassing H4350 or H4831 in velocity as well as accuracy.

When using RL22 with this combo it was all over the board until you got to a certain ambient temp and then the velocity had a huge spike.
WOW. thats terrible in my opinion. I imagine reloader 22 is the same, majority of long range shooters seem to be going away from alliant powder for that reason.

Will be testing the waters with H4831SC. apparently thats much less temp. sensitive.

This creedmoor will be more for long range practice, and i shoot all year around, so i need a stable powder.

Anyone had luck with IMR 4350 in the creed? ive got a lb. of that i should try as well.
The only real trouble that I've ever had with Alliant powders was with Reloader 7 in my 458 SOCOM.I developed a really nice load in the cooler months,and when I shot it in the summer,it blew the primer completely out of the case.The pressure was crazy high.

The 4 foot flame out of the barrel scared the hell out of my friend that was hog hunting with me.gun)
I use Reloader 17 in my Creed and have had exceptional accuracy thus far. The reason I am using this and knowing it may be temp sensitive is it is about the only powder I can find with that burn rate.

Now with that said, I shoot once or so a week and if I see pressure signs developing based on rising temps as the warmer weather approaches then I will adjust load.
I decided to just buy a pound of H4350 and be done with it.

Looking forward to load development in the next 2 weeks. I went ahead with the 123 grain SST. With the .510 BC and decent SD this should be great for long range deer hunting.
43-45 grains with the 123 is a good range.

Of course you should work up in your rifle but in the 3 6.5 Creeds I have owned this was the area that worked best.

Good decision on getting some H4350, I tested my H4350 and 130 berger load yesterday morning after leaving them in the cold and only lost 15 fps. 2885 average, warm weather average is 2900. I can live with that much better than the 140 fps loss using Hunter.
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