Recommendations on rifle caliber please


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Dec 2, 2012
Looking for recommendations on a caliber for the 500-600 yard range for coyote and varmint hunting. I all ready have a 223 so prefer something larger than that looking for something with some decent energy left to drop them in that yardage range.

any recommendations greatly appreciated.
My first choice would be .243. I have used mine to that distance and had great success. Not much need of going much bigger than that for little critters.
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Many great cartridges in that caliber -me -i'd go w/a 260Improved.

Great brass/bullets very hard hitting at 500-600yds- 140 class bullets are proven at long range too.
If you want a factory rifle I'd go 260 Rem.

Custom?, then I'd pick the 220 swift ai or saami or 6mm ai or saami with a 1 in 8 on a long action with sufficient throat. I have been planning this same build for 4 months and one realization I came to is that I would rather leave two small holes than deal with the problems of trying to leave just one.

Have fun - Josh
actually looking at converting a long action Remmy to a different caliber for yotes was thinking of doing a custom build for this one.
6mm of whatever flavor you like. Easy on pelts with the right bullet. Followed closely by any 6.5. Again, bullet selection is key. Things get messy if you pick the wrong pill. I ruined the biggest yote I've ever shot with the wrong bullet, the near side was fine... the far side... sort of a red canoe...
If you really want to be a top dog in the predator hunting area dont worry about what size cal you need. I've been hunting and tracking coyote for a very long time and found out along time ago the better you call the closer they come to you. I use a little old .17hmr Savage and out kill most of my buddies with their bigger calibers. Most of them dont call very well so they always want me to go to do the calling and when I do the yotes come in so fast that they dont get a chance to sight in on them befor the yotes are with in 30 to 50 yrds. So learn to call and let your buddes want to take you hunting its great having not to pay for the gas with so any of your friends wanting to use your calling experince in calling. PS. I sell my fur and not having them all torn up from a.larg cal gun getse more money!
around here in northern Wisconsin its hard to call em in real close i can do it. its a lot easier to take em at range though because there pretty shy around this area seeing they can run them with dog for the most part.
A few important questions to ask yourself before you decide.
1 Are you looking at factory rifles or having one built?
2 Do you reload, willing to reload?
3 Is this a dedicated predator/varmint rifle?

I've used 223rem and 243win for the majority of my life in my part of the country longest shots usually no more than 400yd. A 243win with 75-90gr bullets will be fine for either dogs or yotes out to those ranges. Factory ammo is everywhere and well priced as well. You can step up to 22-250 or even 25-06 and have more velocity and energy with the lighter weight bullets as well, no shortage of ammo for it either. 220swift is a heck of a round for them as well, factory ammo is a little harder to come by though. If you are willing to hand load any of the above would be hard to beat. I personally love the 243win it was the first high powered rifle I ever owned and I've killed many many a ground hog and yote with it, deer as well. Light recoiling not over the top on muzzle blast or high priced to shoot, I've shot targets to around 600yd with great result as well. It's been around for long enough reloading data is everywhere and many ppl are using it in long range competition and tactical shooting for the reasons above. I'm not a huge fan of all the new wiz-bang magnums out there, for me a rifle with ammo everywhere and that's accurate is where it's at.
I chose the 6mm Ackley with the same purpose in mind. The long action gives you plenty of magazine capacity for those long bullets. IMHO the best for this purpose.

In a short action I'd go 6x47L. But that's just me.
I'm also a 243win believer. The best varmint rifle I've had experience with yet.(mines a factory ruger m77) I don't consider myself a particularly gifted marksman but I am able to consistantly hit a coyote sized target out to about 550yds, and with more practice I think I could stretch that a little farther.
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