RCBS going Chinese?


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Dec 18, 2009
I just wanted to share a tidbit of information. I have just purchased a VLD Chamfer Tool for my Case Prep Center, and on the packaging it said that it was made in China. I think that I will be a bit more careful in my purchases in the future.
Only one reason to manufacture in china...cheap real cheap labor. So they saved big time...funny though I didn't see any savings passed on to the consumer...did any of you? So big time profit for them=Greed.

Greed of coarse and don't believe for a minute it was to remain competitive since most of there competitors aren't in china. ps not capitalizing the C in china wasn't cause I'm dumb.

At the very least I wouldn't buy their stuff from china and if enough folks followed suit...they might stay in china but they wouldn't be manufacturing in china too long unless they just want to stockpile the stuff and that's not likely.
Well said!I picked up a set of hornady electric scales the other day only to find made in china on the back,greed greed greed,this is a little bit off topic but to show how extreme it is becoming around the world i was watching a news article which horrified me, it was about beautiful fresh Australian fish being caught here on our shores and then being sent to asia to be cleaned and filleted all because of "labour" cost, ***!The worst part was this whole process is a 12 week turnaround from when they were caught!!I guess i just can't believe these brands that have built buisness on reputation and earning our trust over decades are willing to throw it all away for a couple of extra dollars.Support your own country i say!!
The sky is falling! The sky is falling.
RCBS has been importing for awhile. Caterpillar has factories in China. Millennium Tree stands are imports and they are very good. The list goes on and on.
China is getting to the point where they can and do have some quality stuff.
Remember, if you are old enough, when Japan stuff was junk? Not anymore, US auto makers wish they had the reputation that the Japanese do.
Who is willing, honestly, to pay 50% more for an all American made product of equal quality to imports? 30%? not me

Personally, I blame unions for jobs going over seas.

Is Hornady making all presses and dies in the USA? I hope so.
300R, at first I'm thinking I saw that same program but, started to scratch my head cause I don't remember the fishing being done off U.S. shores...DUH then I saw you were from Australia and then it clicked...I saw the same program. I don't remember the name of the fish but, it a white fish and if I recall correctly MacDonalds imports about 20 million tons or pounds of it and others do also. Unbelievable! Irregardless of what I'm buying if it's made in china I do my best to buy something else.
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hairtrigger, the sky is falling...not sure where that's coming from but, I am curious about the 50% more and blaming the unions(btw I never was in one) are these your opinions if so I respect them or are they statements of fact? If so could you share with me those independent sources as I'm always openminded.

Yes, and I also remember when we use to call it Jap crap. I'm all for competition just not with china. I don't want to get any Moderator upset by getting too political so I'll keep it short. My reason begins with human rights and ends with spying and I'm going to do my best not to fund it.
Personally, I blame unions for jobs going over seas.

Agreed. I'll try not to get to deep into this. Hershey Chocolate had contract negotiations and at one point the plant was almost sold and moved. Hershey now has a plant in Mexico.

The Harley plant in York, PA was on strike the other winter. All benefits were paid for, starting wage was $21.00/hr. on the plant floor, and the list of goes on. Employees didn't want to give anything up. If Harley didn't have to rely on there reputation as being American built, I'm sure they would have moved overseas right after that mess, if not long before.

I'm with everyone else, I will pay the extra $$ if I can get the same quality and be made in the US, but the above crap has to stop. At least all my hand tools for work are made in the US still, and it is far superior to the import stuff I've seen. I stick with the small companies when I can, then I know where my buck is going.
The 50% was a question.
I try to buy USA made but not if the cost is 50% more. Not willing at 30% more.
Not 20%more.
Sorry but no independent sources, surveys or whatever... just ME

Besides, 97% of all statistics are made up on the spot! Ok that is a joke please don't ask for a reference for that either
Unions make up about 11.6% of the US work force with 1/3rd from just 2 liberal states...no surprises there and if you take the top 100 companies that have union employment it makes a big part of the total number and ps they haven't moved to china. The vast majority of employers who have moved operations to china/oversees weren't and aren't unionized. A vast majority of union members are comprised of teachers, state and federal, auto, ATT, nurses, electricians, plumbers, law enforcement...not sure how these folks are to blame for outsourcing...Interesting fact teachers, nurses and law enforcement are in the lower pay tiers and quite often struggle to maintain a household. What follows isn't based on research or independent study just my opinion-Corporate Greed is why outsourcing has thrived. Not saying unions are lilly white but to cast all or even a majority of blame on unions bears no creditability and can't be substantiated. If I'm wrong I look forward to being enlightened with fact. Thanks, and everyone have a Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring all you hope for.
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