Rapid Access Targeting System (R.A.T.S.) By Dog-Gon-Hit Review


Mar 6, 2008
I'm one of those guys constantly searching for a better way to do things. One of my quests has been for a good, portable shooting bench. I've made several attempts at building something acceptable but they have never passed the usability test. I've seen offerings at the sporting goods store and perused the catalogues. None were appealing enough to warrant expending the asked for funds. Thus when the opportunity presented itself to evaluate someone else's version of a portable shooting rest my interest was piqued.Read More...
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Here's Ben's web site, DOG-GON-HIT.com, dog-gon-hit, Arizona, Portable and Mobile Rifle Rest and Support, or click on the hi-lited text in the article. I've verified that 200 yard zero is the same from the RATS as from bench rest sight-in zero. After removing the scope for another use after replacing it the first shot was spot on dead center. I quit right there feeling good about the return to zero after scope remount and confirming zero with the RATS.
Thanks royinidaho, stupid me I guess I didn't pay enough attention. I see the link now and have gone to the site. Price (with free shipping) seems very reasonable for something made in the USA. A lot of the stuff I've been looking at in the stores seems kind of flimsy or too complicated and looks to be made overseas. I think I'll buy one today and try it on PD's in eastern Washington. I'm an under 500 yard shooter and get a little tired if packing everything out there for a day of shooting. I like the idea of throw it over my shoulder and go. I'll post something back when I get a chance to give it a try.
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